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Where Social Entrepreneurs get introduced to and funded by Impact Investors.

Funding for Social Entrepreneurs

Connect with investors, share documents securely, and receive funding – within one integrated investment platform.


Introductions to relevant, accredited impact investors seeking to invest in ventures like yours.

Due Diligence

Investors require due diligence – and we can help you provide that by way of third party reviews and reports.



Your plans, pitches and documents are kept secure in the Deal Room – available to accredited investors only.


Finding investors and getting funded is quicker and easier using our integrated investment platform.

Access Investors

Our network includes angels, individual investors, impact groups, impact funds, advisors, foundations and family offices.


These are ventures that have already secured initial funding, and are seeking additional investors to complete the round.

Raising Capital

We work directly with social entrepreneurs and ventures, usually seeking equity, loans or convertible debt. Typically we work with those looking to raise $250,000 to $2.5 million who have proven their business model with customers and revenue, and who have already received initial investment capital. Ventures that are not at this stage are invited to use our free searchable database to create a profile and search for investors and support programs.


We can help you complete your funding round.

How it Works

Step 1:


Enter your name and email address to create a user account on Enable Impact.

Step 2:

Create Profile

Complete your profile on the Enable Impact database with a description about your company, your target market, and how your company makes an impact. It’s beneficial to include materials such as photos, video, and team members.

Step 3:

Apply to be a Vetted Venture

Your initial application will give us some basic information about your company and your funding round so we can assess if you would be a good fit for our network of impact investors. This information is used by our investment committee to assess your application and decide whether or not to proceed with the due diligence process.

Step 4:

Investment Committee

Your application will go through an initial screening to ensure that your company and fundraising terms are a fit for Enable Impact. During this process, we will connect with your management team to discuss any follow-up items. Finally, your deal will be presented to our investment committee.

Step 5:

Due Diligence

If you are approved, we will conduct detailed due diligence on your company, market, team, and other investment-related factors.

Step 6:

Meet Investors

We will introduce you to impact investors who have indicated interest in investing in your venture — by phone, webinar, and/or face-to-face.

Step 7:

Close Your Round

We will work with your to complete the final legal documentation and to transfer funds to your bank account. Issuers are charged the placement fee upon successful completion of the fundraise.

Search, Match & Connect with Investors & Support Programs

Use our free database to search, match, and connect with potential funders. Find investors looking to fund ventures in your location, sector, stage, size, amount and type of capital.

Search for InvestorsCreate a Profile

Support Programs

Get help developing your business plan and preparing to pitch to investors. Search online among over 800 accelerators, incubators, mentors, fellowship programs to find the help you need – find a program that fits your location, sector, size, stage and more.

Accelerators & Incubators

Short-term programs that work with entrepreneurs to provide guidance, education, and mentorship to help rapidly scale their companies.


A person or organization with prior success in a sector or area who can help with critical business issues.

Fellowship Programs

Short-term professional development opportunities often placed by programs that are sponsored by another organization.

Business Plan Competitions

Events held by various organizations that seek to find the best business plans and award the winners, typically with a monetary investment.

Co-Working Spaces

Locations that act as collaborative, network-friendly spaces for entrepreneurs to foster ideas.

Networking & Conferences

Conferences such as Social Capital Markets, and others offer participants the opportunity to network, learn, and engage with a wide-variety of people on a number of impact-oriented topics.

Contact Us Directly

If you are seeking additional investors to complete the round contact us directly.