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Why Invest through Enable Impact?

Find, fund, and close deals, online, with leading co-investors.



Discover impact investing deals, vetted by our investment committee, and delivered to your inbox.


Access deals led by notable impact investors, seeking additional capital to close the round.

Due Diligence

Review comprehensive reports provided by Crowdcheck – based on a detailed analysis of the venture.


Fund and close your deals using our FINRA-compliant investment platform – and by way of our regulated broker dealer partner.


Easily and quickly close deals online – from accreditation to wiring funds, within one end-to-end investment technology platform.


Fund social ventures that combine purpose & profit, and use capital & entrepreneurship to solve global issues in a sustainable way.

Investor-Led Deals

Ventures that have already secured initial funding from lead investors and are seeking capital to close the round.

PenPal Schools

PenPal Schools connects over 70,000 students from 85 countries to learn together through curriculum-guided online exchanges.

  • 53%

Raising $1,500,000

Raised $800,000

Seeking $700,000

One Degree Solar

Clean energy systems and low-power appliances to power light and connectivity for those living ‘off-grid’ in emerging markets.

  • 46.67%

Raising $3,000,000

Raised $1,400,000

Seeking $1,600,000

Genomic Expression

We are sequencing RNA to identify the best drug for the patient and the best patient for the drug. The right diagnostic could save a life.

  • 85%

Raising $1,000,000

Raised $850,000

Seeking $150,000

How it Works

Step 1:


Sign up and confirm that you are an accredited investor – so you can access social venture deals in the Deal Room.

Step 2:

Enter the Deal Room

This is where you will find all of the deals and investment overviews – and can execute legal agreements, wire funds and close deals.

Step 3:

Review Vetted Deals

Once you find a deal of interest, click on the company’s investment overview to learn more – financial, planning and investor documents, plus due diligence.

Step 4:

Due Diligence

Enable Impact will help you with your due diligence – providing access to the documents & reports you need, plus calls with founders and other lead investors.

Step 5:


Making an investment on Enable Impact is simple. Click the “INVEST” button and follow the steps to execute legal docs and wire funds – and close the deal.

Step 6:

Manage Your Portfolio

Making your investment is just the start – build and track your portfolio of social venture investments – on the integrated impact investment platform.

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