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PenPal Schools successfully raises capital via Enable Impact

PenPal Schools successfully raises capital via Enable Impact

PenPal Schools , a company that connects 70K+ people in over 160+ countries through curriculum-guided online exchanges, has raised an portion of their $1.5Mn seed round from multiple investors through Enable Impact.

Joe Troyen, founder of PenPal Schools noted, “Enable Impact introduced me to a dozen investors interested in investing in companies with a strong social mission. These introductions led to multiple investments and were huge in helping us reach our initial fundraising goal.”

PenPal Schools began engaging with investors through Enable Impact at the end November of 2015, and made many strides over the 12 weeks leading up to their latest investments, including being inducted into Techstar’s 2016 Austin cohort.

They have expanded their round from $750K to $1.5M to invest in their technology to improve PenPal’s offering and help further their push towards being a leader in global education.

About PenPal Schools: PenPal Schools connects over 70,000 students in 168 countries to learn together. Their world-class learning resource combines high-quality courses with interactive technology to make global exchanges fun and easy. Learners of all ages connect to discover other cultures and discuss global issues while practicing language skills. PenPal Schools has won multiple international awards and was recognized by the President of the United States as one of the world’s leading social enterprises. Visit their website to learn more and preview one of their courses.

Enable Impact helps Agora for Good raise angel round from Impact Investors

Enable Impact helps Agora for Good raise angel round from Impact Investors

Angela Campbell was looking for a solution to a problem that many social entrepreneurs face: how to find relevant investors in an efficient manner. Angela is founder of Agora for Good, a platform helping people with their charitable giving.

Using Enable Impact’s impact investor database and search tools, Angela was able to go from hundreds of potential investors down to a few relevant ones based on criteria she selected.

Investors’ Circle was one of those matches and Angela “messaged” Andrew Cousins at Investors Circle – an impact investment network.

Angela explained, “with their easy to use tools and great investor network, Enable Impact helped Agora for Good quickly find and connect with Investors’ Circle, ultimately leading to a successful funding round.”

Andrew Cousins at Investor Network said “We’re pleased this collaboration resulted in Agora for Good receiving investment from our network. We look forward to connecting with more entrepreneurs through Enable Impact’s online portal to engage them in IC in-person pitch events.”

After pitching at a local network meeting in New York in April, she was invited to pitch in Denver at Investors Circle’s national Beyond the Pitch event that Angela was able to secure $250,000 in investments to close their round.

NurtureMe closes part of $1.7MM round using Enable Impact platform

NurtureMe closes part of $1.7MM round using Enable Impact platform

How does an early-stage venture quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively find relevant investors to fill a round? This is a question many entrepreneurs find themselves asking. In August, Caroline Freedman, the founder of NurturMe, a company specializing in responsibly-sourced, organic baby foods, found herself asking the very same question.

By way of a referral from long-time investor, EcoEnterprise Fund, Caroline found the solution in Enable Impact. Immediately, she found that Enable Impact was excellent source of funds, angel investors, and family offices within the impact investing sector. In combination with Enable Impact’s robust search and filtering capability, Caroline was able to assemble a short-list of relevant impact investors to reach out to and vet with help from EcoEnteprises Fund.

Even with numerous new leads, NurturMe was still looking for the perfect match to help fill the round. That match came a short time later thanks to a timely alert by Enable Impact regarding impacting-investing network “Investors’ Circle”.

By connecting Caroline with Investors’ Circle, she was able to pitch at the event in Philadelphia, ultimately leading to $250,000 in equity investments, and in-turn, the completion of the $1.7M round in October of 2015.

Caroline explained, “Enable Impact did a great job of integrating a large and diverse pool of investors with great search tools, allowing me to quickly search, find, and connect with relevant impact investors for NurturMe. Additionally, because Enable Impact made us aware of, and connected us to Investors’ Circle, I was able to have a successful pitch, leading to investments that helped us close the round.”